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OPQ Energy Club Introduction 


The goals for OPQ Energy Club are providing the energy information service from both Chinese and the U.S., helping to coordinate the energy policies between Chinese and the U.S., and establishing a expert level, company level,as well as the government level hierarchy decision making structure.OPQ energy club function as a powerful and reliable information platform provides accurate high quality information service for Chinese energy companies in the field of building basic infrastructure and project financing. 


OPQ Energy Club membership rules description

OPQ Energy club is a membership club with mission to establish a platform for information communication between Chinese and the U.S.energy companies. Through twice a year member activities and providing members with membership services, the platform will create a solid bridge between Chinese and the U.S. energy companies.The annually membership fee is 100,000 U.S. dollar.

1. Principle

A.  OPQ Energy club provides energy industry related service for all club members

B.  With annually member fees, club members have the right to join in of leave the club at any time freely.

2. OPQ Energy Club mission

OPQ energy club aims to create a communication platform for the Chinese and U.S. companies in the energy industry to make the communication and information exchange more efficiently between the two countries.

3. Organization

a. Membership club

b. Member conference

1OPQ Energy Club members

2Twice a year, April and September

3Organized by OPQ Energy Club

c. OPQ Energy Club committee in charge the daily club operation


4. Membership Qualification

Requirement: Legal business license

             Normal business operation

             Well known companies in the industry with recommendation

Membership will take effect after the conformation of the OPQ Energy Club.

5. Acceptance

After review the information submitted by the applicants, OPQ Energy Club committee will send club card to the qualified applicants. The applicants become formal club members, club members should pay the membership fee annually, or with additional 10% in monthly manner. 


6. Leave the club

Club members have the right to leave the club after the review of the OPQ Energy, and should return the club card at the same time. 


7. Membership management

OPQ Energy club require the real name, in the unit of company. The information will be managed accordingly with the respect of privacy.


8. Membership Responsibility

A. Club members should provide real, complete,and effective company and personal information to the OPQ Energy Club. Club members should update their contact information, and notify OPQ Energy Club in a timely manner.

B. Club members should pay the annual club member fee.

C. Club members should obey the U.S. Laws and regulations, OPQ Energy Club rules and regulations.

D. Club members should be responsible of the OPQ Energy Club public imagination and reputation.

E. OPQ energy club will provide 10% discount for the club member who introduce new members into the club.

F. Club members should not use the name of OPQ Energy Club to organize and participate events without the permission of the OPQ Energy Club.


9. Supplementary

A. Members should be responsible for their own fault or violation of regulation during OPQ Energy Club activities.

B. Members should be responsible for the result of violation of intelligent property due to their submission of articles, pictures or videos on the OPQ Energy Club website.


10. Others

A. Applicants should read these rules carefully when they are applying to the OPQ Energy Club. It’s considered the agreement of these rules once join in the OPQ Energy Club.

B. The rules take effect once members sign on the application form.

C. OPQ Energy Club has the final explanation and modification right to the rules , relevant executive details, and relevant regulations.



Contact information:

Energy club address: 1350 Ave of the Americas, New York, NY, 10019

OPQ Energy Corporation Manager Ms. Grace Q. Tang

Tel: (646)738-8066      email